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Final one, for [ profile] merry_cat, who's birthday I think it is today? Happy happy, then, if it is! She wanted Buffy/Lorne/Spike. I hope this suffices. I'm in a cynical mood today, so pardon my slight snarkitude in this one. ;P

Happily Ever After?

“You’re kidding. That’s our future together?”

“In all its Technicolor glory. Wedded bliss, cozy cottage for two until baby makes three, maybe four--that could be a dog--it’s a little fuzzy.” Lorne snorted. “Hah! Fuzzy! Dog. Fuzzy...”

Buffy and Spike stared in stunned silence.

“You’d rather have the usual pain and despair?” Lorne frowned.

“Yes! No! But, we have this complicated love-hate thing!” Buffy protested.

“Yeah! Rough, angry sex! Punching and scratching!”

“Nope. Sugar-coated happiness is all I see.”

“No scratching?”

“Well, maybe the dog.” Lorne chuckled.

“And some punching,” he added, after Spike’s fist connected with his jaw.

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[ profile] bethynyc asked for Wesley or Giles and Jack. I give you Wesley/Jack kilt pr0n! :D

Cut for smut )

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For those who requested drabbles and have not gotten one tonight, I will honor your requests, just probably not tonight as I am home from work and tired and going to bed soon. I got sidetracked doing some research tonight so I didn't get to all of them.

Patience, grasshoppers!
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[ profile] taffimai asked for Nine/Jack.

Captain of the Innuendo Squad


“Sorry, my hand slipped again.”

The Doctor crawled backwards from beneath the console. He stood and faced the man leaning against it.

“Jack, if you want to touch it, why don’t you just ask?”

Jack shook his head. “It’s more fun when you squirm.”

The Doctor grinned. “Won’t find it there anyway.”

“I’ll just keep looking for it,” Jack reached for him again.

“Stop!” The Doctor yelped as Jack grazed a ticklish spot. He reached inside his jacket and handed Jack the sonic screwdriver.

“This won’t stop me from searching for your zeus plugs too, you know.” Jack winked.

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[ profile] petzipellepingo asked for "Spike/ a television/ Dr. Who (any Doctor) on the telly/ Dawn". Here ya go!

Something For Everyone

Spike peeked around the corner when he heard familiar music drifting from the television.

“Somebody spent too much time with Andrew,” he said to the young woman transfixed to the screen.

Dawn huffed. “Like I’d watch those old geezers and tin foil monsters.”

“There must be something that--” Spike then noticed the tall, slender man fussing over the TARDIS console. Dawn’s wistful expression told him the rest.

“Got the hots for Doc, eh pet?” he teased.

“Spike!” Dawn hissed.

“Maybe he’ll… ooooh. Nice arse,” Spike said as Rose appeared onscreen.

Saturday evening was their TV date night from then on.

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Monday night desk duty. *yawn* Gimme something to do in between getting up to fetch Reserve readings and clear phantom paper jams, m'kay?

I'm willing to drabble! Gimme a fandom (Buffy, Angel or Doctor Who [new or classic]), a character or pairing, and a prompt and I shall do me best.
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I know this is super duper late, but I'm stuck at the Reference Desk again and so I'm finishing up the last of the drabble requests from, uh, two weeks ago. [ profile] bogwitch requested Spike/Illyria and liquid. Rated PG, 300 words. It's a bit silly.

Spike/Illyria ficlet )
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Ah, the last of the drabble requests! This one is for [ profile] clayin, who asked for Xander interacting with "Ripper" Giles. This one was fun, as I loooooove Giles when he's cold and scary and ::shudder:: eeeee! Giles/Dawn and Xander/Spike implied, Rated R, post series, 300 words. Xander finds out that Giles and Dawn are a couple, and he is not best pleased...
Acceptance )
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I think I have one more, then I'll have them all done! I sorta goofed on this one, though. [ profile] funkparadise asked for a drabble where Angel told Gunn that Wesley was his lover and I didn't go back and check the request exactly and thought she used the word "boyfriend", so that's how I wrote it. I hope you like it anyway. I thought it came out kinda cute, if a bit silly. Wesley/Angel and Gunn, AtS early S2, Rated R, 300 words (longest of these so far!).

Discovery )
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Slowly but surely, I'm getting them all.

[ profile] dawnie1970 asked for Wesley and Gunn and basketball. AtS S2-ish, rated G, 200 words. I know squat about basketball, but I did my best! :P
Score )
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For [ profile] chlare. Giles/Dawn and "stuck". 100 words, rated G.

Labor )
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[ profile] bethynyc asked for Wesley/Giles making up after a fight. This might not be exactly what you were looking for, but it just went this way. Hope you like! 200 words, PG, S3-S5-ish BtVS.

Retribution )
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No, I haven't forgotten about the drabble requests! I'm doing them as they take form in my head. [ profile] yasminke asked for a voyeuristic drabble based on my DB ass icon. I've substituted Angel for DB. Hope it works for you! Wesley/Spike/Angel, Rated R, 100 words.

Appreciation )
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How's this, [ profile] karabair?

And blanks:

All up for grabs for anyone who wants 'em. Please comment and credit.
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Drabble request post #2, for [ profile] glimmergirl. Giles/Buffy and soap. NC-17, 100 words.
Ripened )
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The first of my drabble request posts! [ profile] karabair asked for Wesley/Cordelia and roadside architecture. I took the liberty of going for 200 words instead of 100. I didn't think anyone would mind. :P
PG-13, post AtS S1.

Vacancy )
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I've been thinking lately about doing a drabble request post as I've never done one before, and then [ profile] dawnie1970 posted this:

The first fifteen people to comment on this post get to request a drabble (real drabble: 100 words exactly) from you. In return, they have to post this in their journal. Post all fandoms you're willing to write for.

Yay! An excuse! So give me a pairing or character and a word or prompt and I'll drabble for ya, I'll drabble for ya, I'll drabble for ya, I'll drabble for YOU! Okay, how did Boy George get in on this? It's been a long day, folks.

Fandoms I'll write are Angel and Buffy, slash, het or gen. Don't feel obligated to do a request post of your own. If you aren't a writer and/or don't want to reciprocate that's fine. Request away! No promises on how long it'll take me to finish 'em, but I'll make sure I do them all.

Isn't this Pooh bear icon mesmerizing? I think I need a nap now.


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