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I've been informed that today is "Bring Back the Porn" day. Hey, any excuse for hawt smut is good enough for me! My smutty muse has apparently taken the long weekend off, so here's a bit o' smut I wrote a couple years ago that I've been thinking about recently. It's always been one of my favorite smutty things I've ever written. It's Giles/Buffy/Wesley naughty voyeur/library pr0n. S3 BtVS (Buffy is 18, worry not), NC-17, about 700 words. Enjoy!

Here be smut!

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Final one, for [ profile] merry_cat, who's birthday I think it is today? Happy happy, then, if it is! She wanted Buffy/Lorne/Spike. I hope this suffices. I'm in a cynical mood today, so pardon my slight snarkitude in this one. ;P

Happily Ever After?

“You’re kidding. That’s our future together?”

“In all its Technicolor glory. Wedded bliss, cozy cottage for two until baby makes three, maybe four--that could be a dog--it’s a little fuzzy.” Lorne snorted. “Hah! Fuzzy! Dog. Fuzzy...”

Buffy and Spike stared in stunned silence.

“You’d rather have the usual pain and despair?” Lorne frowned.

“Yes! No! But, we have this complicated love-hate thing!” Buffy protested.

“Yeah! Rough, angry sex! Punching and scratching!”

“Nope. Sugar-coated happiness is all I see.”

“No scratching?”

“Well, maybe the dog.” Lorne chuckled.

“And some punching,” he added, after Spike’s fist connected with his jaw.

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[ profile] maddogs991 asked for Fourth Doctor/Giles. Buffy and Willow got themselves into the mix too. 200 words, rated G.

Four/Giles ficlet )
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One more Mother drabble for [ profile] open_on_sunday. BtVS S3, rated PG.

Everybody's Mother )
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Slight mixing of fandoms, but not quite. BtVS, post-series, Buffy, Spike, Dawn, and David Tennant, 200 words, rated G. David gains a new fan.

Yep, still got it )
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Drabble request post #2, for [ profile] glimmergirl. Giles/Buffy and soap. NC-17, 100 words.
Ripened )
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[ profile] sockkpuppett mentioned the Buffybot and how she flips her hair all the time and that got me thinking about how much I adore the Buffybot, because she's so cute and eager and patient and very much Buffy but also very much not Buffy at the same time, so that all ends up as it usually does when I get fixated on something and I've got the fidgets. ICONS!

1. 2. 3.
More Buffybot, mostly blanks )
Pardon the blah-ness of the text, but I'm not at my home computer where all my cool fonts are.
All shareable, please comment and credit.
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Let's ring in the new year with bad naughty smut! Giles/Buffy/Wesley prOn, BtVS S3, unbetaed, NC-17, about 700 words.
Watcher )
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Okay, I'm a goin' ta hell. I've written Buffy/Giles smut. This is for [ profile] glimmergirl:

Buffy/Giles smutlet, 200 words, rated NC-17 )
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My new mood themes are done and ready for downloading! They are:
Buffy mood theme (Right click and Save Target As) and a
Spike mood theme (Right click and Save Target As)
amused: flirty:
good: irate:

cynical: mischievous:
touched: uncomfortable:

Instructions and mood theme code are included in the zip file. Please comment and credit me in your user info if you use.

Caps from Screencappiness, Romance on BtVS, Screencap Paradise, Spike Screencaps, Freeze Frame, and some are my own caps.


Nov. 14th, 2005 08:54 pm
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I wrote Spuffy smut! As much Spuffy smut as I've read, I don't think I've ever written any. Just a leeetle drabble for [ profile] open_on_sunday, inspired by [ profile] chlare's earlier mention of laundry porn. Not sure how it ended up being Spuffy. ;P

The scent of heavily perfumed fabric softener was making Buffy dizzy.

“Spike, why we are here?”

Spike smirked. “’Cause my dainties need washing.”

Buffy rolled her eyes in response.

“And vamps occasionally like to feast on late night customers.”

Buffy looked around at the deserted Laundromat. “Nobody for them to eat tonight. I think you can handle this. I’ll just go—“

Spike stopped her as she walked past.

“Hang on, pet.”

He pushed her against a humming washing machine. The vibrations and the feel of Spike’s hand drifting between her legs made Buffy dizzier.

“This vamp wants a snack.”
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I watched one of my favorite old movies today, The Big Sleep. So many classic lines there. Great lines call for great icons, but these have been put in the Buffy/Angelverse:

Comment, credit, you know the drill, sweetheart.
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Or is it Wesley loves everybody? The boy sure does get around.

I made another Wes/Buffy icon today to post in the new [ profile] wuffy_love community:

so I felt I had to make a Wes/Dawn icon too:

I also posted it in [ profile] weda.

I want to make some more shippy Wesley icons this weekend, including some schmoopy/sexy Wes/Angel and Wes/Faith ones. Stay tuned!

Tilly's all hungry for attention and I just want to sit and vegetate. Jeez, I don't know what she wants. She's been fed, petted, played with, talked to, still she's meowing for attention. What the hell do you want from me, cat? I need Protocol Wes in here to translate Cat, although I can guess what he'd say back to her: "Now Tilly, that sort of language is entirely inappropriate! I demand you apologize to your mummy at once!" Hee! Although I doubt even his diplomatic skills would do any good with her. *sigh*


Dec. 15th, 2004 10:31 am
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Yes, I am a bit of a Wuffy shipper. Not in a fluffy way, but when they're all angsty and fucked up and desperate I really can get into Wes/Buffy. So why did I make a fluffyish Wuffy icon? Oh well. [ profile] october_fay, this is for you and any other Wuffy shippers who want it:

They are kinda cute together.


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