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When I first started making vids, I wasn't totally aware of all that WMM could do (and couldn't do), and I stupidly saved my early stuff in a crappier format than I could have. One that really disappointed me when I saw the final movie was my Ten/Rose vid "Fireroad (For Two)". I love the song, I love the vid I made for it, but the movie quality really did not do it justice, I thought. So, I have remastered it, cleaning up a few messy edits and saving it in clean and clear video and audio. All the clips and edits and transitions are the same, just prettier to look at!

So please, if you've seen the original version of my vid, or if you haven't seen it at all, download the new version and let me know what you think. This is how I envisioned the final product looking and sounding.

Title: Fireroad (For Two)
Video: Cheesygirl
Song: Fireroad (For Two) by Chris Whitley
Pairing: Ten/Rose (spoilers through Doomsday)

46 MB wmv file at Megaupload

Thanks, and enjoy!
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Title: I'm Gonna Buy Me a Dog
Vid by: Cheesygirl
Song: "I'm Gonna Buy Me a Dog" by The Monkees
Spoilers: Through "The Last of the Time Lords"
Premise: The Doctor thinks it might be time to forgo the human companions and go with something involving a little less drama and fuss.

Available on You Tube.

For higher quality viewing download the 39 MB file at Megaupload.

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Jack/Ten vid to Jeff Buckley's "Dream Brother". Spoilers through the end of Torchwood S1 and Doctor Who S3.

Download from MegaUpload (64 MB wmv)

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I've remade the first music vid I ever did, "Mission", which is a look at the Tenth Doctor's relationship with his human companions. This song is such a perfect Doctor Who song to me that I couldn't let it go! I reused most of the same clips and edits but changed some things that had really been bugging me, primarily a music edit that just did not work and made me cringe every single time I watched it, and some other bits of editing and changing of clips that made it smoother and drag a bit less, I think.

The song is full length now and in a much better quality format. Since I originally made the video right after "The Satan Pit" aired, I have not used any clips from episodes past that one, so there are no spoilers for the end of the series.

Video by Cheesygirl
Music by Electric Light Orchestra
Doctor Who belongs to the BBC, not me, alas

Upload the full WMV file at Badongo (approx 66 MB)


Watch it at You Tube
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My Dalek video is done! Okay, so I didn't intend for this to get so silly with the phallic innuendo, but it just sort of did it itself. Yeah. That's it.

All Old Skool Doctor clips from the First, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Doctors.

Download the WMV file here:
I'm So Excited!
(Wait for the download countdown in the right corner of the screen to finish then follow the instructions to download)

Or see it without waiting here:

At You Tube
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Question for the vidders on my Flist. First off, I'm using Windows Movie Maker.

I'm trying to use source that's in 4:3 aspect ratio and source that's 16:9 aspect ratio in the same project. If I save my movie file in either aspect ratio, I end up with distorted images in the final product, one way or another. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get around this? Is there anyway to letter box the widescreen scenes or crop them, or put sidebars on the 4:3 scenes or any way to use the clips without having squashed heads?

I haven't done any actual work on my project yet, just tests to see how the aspect ratio comes out.


And Damn Joss Whedon for changing aspect ratio after Season 1 of Angel! >:-(
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My new Ten/Rose vid is complete. I am so glad I was able to vid this song, which I adore, and have it fit my purpose so beautifully. I hope you like it too!

Spoilers for the end of Series 1 and all of Series 2. Click the link below to download from Badongo (the countdown and then the download link will appear in the upper right of the screen, above an advertisement).

Fireroad for Two.
Music and lyrics by Chris Whitley, Vid by [ profile] cheesygirl.
Chris's music and words are his, and the Doctor belongs to the BBC. I own nothing! I'm just being a fangirl of both.

Also available on You Tube if you want instant gratification, but the file download is better quality.

Lyrics for Fireroad for Two  )
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My vid is all done! Yay! No angst this time, just silliness and sexiness and fun.

Secret Agent Man--Video by Cheesygirl, Music by Devo. Doctor Who belongs to the BBC and not to me, alas.

Also available on You Tube.
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I am so unbelievably pleased at how this came out. Mind you, I made this in an afternoon, but I am just so happy with it. The only thing I didn't like is how my music edit did. It's a bit choppy. That was the hardest thing to do, but there was a big hunk of the song that I wasn't sure how to make work, so I sliced it out. Otherwise, wheeeeeee! I think this is such a perfect song for the Doctor as the lonely god, the man without a home, "watching all the days roll by", as the lyrics say. Oh, spoilers for the second series up to, uh, The Satan Pit. I really don't think anything too plotty is given away though. It's more of a character piece.

Click on the link below to download.

Mission: a Doctor Who video by Cheesygirl, music by Electric Light Orchestra

Feedback, please!


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