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Bones, Angel, Doctor Who, Blackpool, John Barrowman, and Monty Python quotes all within.

Twenty-four total )

Bones caps courtesy [ profile] killerweasel.

Please comment and credit me in keywords. *g*
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[ profile] chlare asked for a version of the Dave ass icon with "spankable" on it. I've done that and one more
Clicky for the tushy )
Both are shareable. And spankable. And biteable! :D
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David's lovely hiney in several variations on the theme along with bases, and some other icons I made last night of AtS/BtVS characters. Also some blanks of Dave in Bones, some from the Alexis/Dave icon I made from HIMYM caps.
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More under here! )
Please comment and credit blah blah blah. Bones caps are from [ profile] killerweasel.

ETA: For those looking for the nekked Dave pics, Photobucket has deleted them. Until I find a new home for the files (OMG, it's just a bare man's ass) that isn't as sensitive as PB, you can email me at cheesygirl at and I'll send them to you. Sorry!


Apr. 13th, 2006 09:50 am
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I made something for those of you who want to see Alexis on Bones:

Shareable, please comment and credit, yadda yadda.

Bones caps by [ profile] killerweasel, HIMYM caps by me.
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From this week's Bones:
1. 2. 3.
Blanks )
Please comment and credit. :D
Thanks [ profile] killerweasel for the caps!
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Okay, first of all let me say that guns are bad, you shouldn't use guns, m'kay? But, DAY-UM!
Cut for gratuitous hotness while armed )
I think I need some air.
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Six icons from this week's Bones. Muchos gracias to [ profile] killerweasel for the caps.
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Three more )
All shareable, please comment, credit, and ask before altering any. :D
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From last night's Bones (ta [ profile] killerweasel for da caps) and one from S1 AtS:
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Six more, some blanks )
Comment, credit, drool on, whatevah.
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[ profile] entrenous88 honey, this ass is for you:

Here's a blank if you just want the simple pretty:

Both are shareable, btw. Spread the vampire ass love! Okay, that just sounds nasty...
ETA: Look how delighted Wesley is in my 'impressed' mood icon! Wesley knows a fine ass when he sees one! Good Wesley.
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From last night's episode, caps courtesy the lovely [ profile] killerweasel. These are so-so. My muse is still on vacation.
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Three more )

Please comment, credit, blah-de-blah.
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I made this icon at lunch and I can't stop staring at it. Those, those arms! Damn, those are some fine arms. I mean... just... DAMN! As much as I lust over tall, slender men and I absolutely adore Alexis' elegant forearms... DAMN!

(It's shareable now and will be posted in an icon post later on) ETA: The cap is courtesy of the most splendiferous [ profile] killerweasel ::smooches::

Bicep lust

Nov. 16th, 2005 10:21 am
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Y'all! [ profile] killerweasel has last night's Bones episode screencapped. Ohhhh, the arms! The shirt changing! The lilac shirt before the shirt changing! You can guarantee there will be DB icons coming from me soon.
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I'm being very very bad and making icons instead of working on my ficathon assignments, which areduenextweekomg!!!!!!! ::panics::
My procrastination is your gain!
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Wesley, Fred, Spike, Cordy, Lindsey, Angel, and DB and AD in other roles  )
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Just a few made the past couple days and some others that have been hanging around that I keep meaning to post:
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More, including Faith, Buffy, Angel, Wesley, Cordelia and Willow )

Please comment and credit! :-)
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Mostly Wesley, some Angel and Wes/Angel, one Faith and one Giles.
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More here (and bases) )

Take, comment and credit in keywords, please. Feel free to add text to bases if you wish, but I'd appreciate credit for the base, thanks!
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I won Mod's Choice again at [ profile] david_stillness! That surprised me because there was some stiff competition this week. Cool! Here's the two I entered (first one got Mod's Choice) and bases, all up for the taking. Pretty pretty David.
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Woo! I won Mod's Choice at [ profile] david_stillness this week! Here's the wet David goodness:

Click for a few new Wes icons too )

All up for sharing!

This has been one long frickin' day. Ugh.


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